Short Update

Alex: 00:05 [ahh]

Man, PBR tastes better every time. Hey, welcome back to the Apollo Road podcast. So after the first three episodes, um, I am back with this little short update. I kind of feel like I left you hanging after those first three. I got those done pretty quickly, but uh, don't worry, I've got a handful more penciled in and I'm going to do before the end of the year. I've got some great interviews coming up and I am looking forward to those. So right now I'm kind of in a holding pattern before I get those interviews out. But, uh, I've been thinking about the show a lot. Um, I've definitely gotten some great feedback on the show. I have a link up at and you scroll to the bottom, there's a little survey you can leave, um, any kind of feedback you want, whether it's just written comments or you can kind of rate on a scale, um, or whatever, whatever you'd like. It all helps me out, especially as I learn how to produce a high quality show. I'm usually a slow learner, but when you do podcasts and you have to listen to it each episode over and over again, when you do the transcript, you get, uh, you get pretty good at finding the flaws. And, uh, so I hope to make them all better from here on out. Next month we are going to the FabTech expo in Chicago. This is a giant expo for anything fabrication related. There's welders, lasers, robots, milling machines, pipe bending machines, tools, everything. It's, it's a fun place, 3D printers, all that stuff. Um, so we're gonna go geek out for a couple of days in Chicago and uh, it'll be fun. Hopefully I can get, I can sneak an interview in there. There's a few artists that I know in that area, so I'll be sure to, uh, keep you an update on how that goes. I'll leave you with a quote for today: "Artists do not create objects, but create by way of objects." And that is by Otto Rank, the Austrian psychoanalyst, writer and teacher. Um, I came across that quote from one of my favorite books, Finite and Infinite Games by James Carse. If you're, looking to expand your horizons, move your boundaries a little bit further out, I would highly recommend that book. So I guess that's it for the update. Um, Oh, I'll have a holiday gift box for the titanium spatula this year. I somehow have neglected the packaging on that, on that guy for a couple of years. So it's finally time for me to step the game up there. As always, everything's on the website, contact me and, enjoy your Halloween. Party hard and get home safe. Peace.